Ways to Build Attachment with Your Baby

When your baby feels good about himself, they feel safe enough to explore their world. They are comfortable being with other people.

You can’t spoil your baby! During the first 6 months, they need all your love, understanding, and comfort.

You can help your baby develop secure attachment in these ways:

Hold your baby. Touch is one of the ways babies learn about their world.

When you hug them, they learn they can trust you to comfort him.

Talk to them when they make sounds during feeding, diapering, playing,

and bathing.

Walk with your baby around your home each day. As you go, talk to them about

what they see. Let them touch, smell, and hear things.

Smile when he explores. Keep his play area safe and fill it with interesting objects.

Spend lots of time with your baby. Do new things together often.

When you cannot be with your baby, leave them with someone you trust

who will care for him in the same ways you would at home.