School Readiness &

Family Engagement

You are part of the Team!


School readiness involves more than just children. It involves children, families, early learning environments, schools, and communities. Children’s skills and development are strongly influenced by their families and throuhg their interactions with other people and environments before coming to school.  Parents are engaged in positive goal-oriented relationsships with EHS staff.

Be Involved by…

  • Participating in home visits and parent/teacher conferences
  • Participating in screenings, child development plans and the GOLD Assessment
  • Participating in Committees: Parent, School Readiness, Health Services and/or the annual program Self-Assessment
  • Participating in P.A.L. meetings
  • Participating on Policy Council (if elected to serve)
  • Participating in Socialization events (if home-based)
  • Responding to FS EHS surveys and questionnaires
  • Participating in learning activities with your child
  • Volunteering in child’s classroom and/or the community

Family Partnerships

Parents and First Steps Early Head Start engage in partnerships to develop a plan that recognizes and promotes family strengths and goals. If a family has developed goals with another agency, FS EHS will support the family’s efforts to achieve the goals of their existing plan.

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