Program Options

Services to Pregnant Women

  • Provides prenatal education and support to pregnant women primarily in the home
  • Monitor the health, dental and nutrition needs via the EHS Health Program Specialist
  • Collaborate with other service providers and offer referrals as needed
  • Transition newborns to Home-Based or Center-Based services after birth


  • Provide free quality child development services in 5 child care centers
  • Provide breakfast, lunch, snack, and formula, as well as diapers & wipes used during the day at no cost to parents
  • Promote continuity of care by having mixed-aged classrooms where children (including sibling groups) will remain with the same teacher
  • Provide two home visits and two parent-teacher conferences each year. Parents may also request additional visits/meetings with teachers and Family Service Specialist, as needed


  • Engage families to participate in activities promoting positive parent-child interactions
  • Offer socialization activities
  • Offer a home schooling approach to enable parents to be active in their child’s learning

Spartanburg County First Steps
900 South Pine St.
Suite C
Spartanburg, SC 29307