Tips for Looking for & Getting a Job

  •  Identify Your Job Skills & Interests – What do you do best and what talents do you have to perform a job?
  •  Identify Your References –  They should be people you have worked or volunteered for, not a relative or personal friend.
  •  Develop a Resume – Include information that is applicable to your work history. Resumes should be accurate and verifiable.

  •  Develop a Cover Letter – This should accompany your resume and should include how you think your skills could meet the company’s need.
  •  Complete an Application – Read it carefully and complete all the questions. Try to avoid any spelling errors.
  •  Prepare for the Interview – Find out what the company is looking for in an employee.
  •  The Interview – Wear clean and neat clothing, arrive on time, and describe your job skills clearly.
  •  Follow-Up – After completing the application and/or interview, follow-up with a phone call, email, or card to thank them for the interview.
  •  Setting up an Email Account – Many employers prefer communicating via email. To set up an email account free of charge go to or

Attitude and attire are very important in getting a job!