Nutrition & Healthy Eating Tips

Encouraging Food Choices for a Healthy Diet

Be Patient
Young children may not be interested in trying new foods. Offer new foods more than once. It sometimes takes up to ten tries before a child will like a new food.

Be a Planner
Most children need a snack or two in addition to three regular daily meals. Plan and schedule meals and snacks so that children have a routine.

Be a Good Role Model
What you do can mean more that what you say. Your child learns from you about how and what to eat. Eat meals with your child whenever possible.

Be Adventurous
At the store ask your child to choose a new vegetable or fruit, from two or three options. At home your child can help you wash and prepare the food. Encourage all family members to enjoy a variety of foods.

Be Creative
Encourage your child to invent a new snack or sandwich from three or four healthy ingredients you provide. Try a new bread or whole grain cracker. Talk about what food groups the new snack includes and why it tastes good. Is the snack smooth, crunchy, sweet, juicy, chewy, or colorful?

Be Active
Walk, run, and play with your child; don’t just sit on the sidelines. A family that is physically active together has lots of fun!