Notes From the Health Manager

Early Head Start is a school readiness program. Did you know that good health is a major part of being ready to learn? Our program offers health services to help every child get ready to learn. Early Head Start health services support school readiness and make sure that health issues do not affect children’s learning. As parents you have the primary responsibility for your children’s health and safety, so it is critical for you to be involved in the health care process.

Early Head Start programs strive to provide families with a wide variety of health-related information and support them in maintaining a safe, healthy, active life. Children must be healthy to learn. Early Head Start programs work with families and children to understand how to achieve and maintain optimum physical health.

Good nutrition is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Having good nutrition improves pregnant women’s and children’s ability to grow, develop, achieve, and maintain a healthy weight. Eating healthy foods helps pregnant women and children get the nutrients their bodies need to stay healthy, active, and strong.

Effective oral health practices vary depending on the developmental skills of each child. When children have a healthy mouth, they can speak more clearly, eat healthy foods, and feel good about themselves. A healthy mouth also means children can better focus and learn.

Our program works to create a safe and healthy environment for all the children we serve get ready to learn.