Engagement is defined as

Gathering and sharing information with families to support children’s learning and development. This includes engaging fathers in early care and education programs. This is most rewarding for the entire family.

Engagement is Involvement and Enthusiasm shown!

Engaged families produce better outcomes!

Engaging is a learning experience! You learn more about your family and how to form bonds. You also identify and form bonds with the staff and other families. You learn more about EHS program and it’s benefits and rewards.

Family Engagement

Family engagement is a collaborative and strengths-based process through which early childhood professionals, families, and children build positive and goal-oriented relationships. It is a shared responsibility of families and staff at all levels that requires mutual respect for the roles and strengths each has to offer. Family engagement focuses on culturally and linguistically responsive relationship-building with key family members in a child’s life. These people include pregnant women and expectant families, mothers, fathers, grandparents, and other adult caregivers. It requires making a commitment to creating and sustaining an ongoing partnership that supports family well-being. It also honors and supports the parent-child relationships that are central to a child’s healthy development, school readiness, and well-being.

Creating a relationship-based culture that supports family engagement is essential. As a result, the children and the parents are more comfortable with teachers and staff. Long term relationships are formed. What does family engagement mean to you?