Effective Communication

Looking for ways to communicate with others, including your children, more effectively? Here are some great and easy ways you can begin incorporating today.

The Seven C’s of Communication 

  1. Clear: Be clear about your goal or message.
  2. Concise: Stick to the point and keep the conversation brief.
  3.  Concrete: Make sure to whom you are speaking has a clear picture of what you are telling them.
  4.  Correct: Make sure what you are saying fits who you are talking to.
  5.  Coherent: Everything you are talking about is on the same subject.
  6.  Complete: The person to whom you are speaking has been clearly informed about the topic during conversation.
  7.  Courteous: Friendly, open, and honest.

Effective Family Communication

  • Encourage positive behavior.
  •  Creating strong bonds within the family leads to a positive family environment.
  •  Parent and child must treat each other with respect.
  •  Speak to your child in a manner that you want them to speak to you.
  •  Always praise your child for a positive behavior. This will encourage these behaviors more often.
  •  Family mealtime is important. Always make time to sit down and have meals together.
  • Treat children fairly and understand their point of view. “Because I say so” is not an appropriate response to your children.