“Our mission is to meet the total needs of our children, as well as, the expressed needs of our parents, through comprehensive services, community partnerships and shared decision-making”


The Policy Council is comprised of 51% of parents and/or guardians of children enrolled in the program and community representatives. The parents and/or guardians who serve are elected to the council by peers, and the community representatives are selected by the agency.

The Policy Council meets at Spartanburg County First Steps— 900 South Pine Street, Spartanburg, SC— 10 times per year on the third Monday of the month at 5:30 PM.

Zanita Chambers
Council Chair

Jasana Simpson
Vice Chair

Olga Campos
Council Member

Elsa Lima
Council Member

Eva Mendez
Council Member

Isabel Martinez
Council Member

Rosa Johnson
Council Member

Cindy Britton
Community Representative