“Our mission is to meet the total needs of our children, as well as, the expressed needs of our parents, through comprehensive services, community partnerships and shared decision-making”


Spartanburg County First Steps Early Head Start is a free, full-day, year-around federally governed, educational program for families and children whose income meets the federal poverty guidelines. Children served by Baby Net whose family income exceeds the federal poverty guidelines may be eligible for enrollment. Each day our program helps families and children enhance both their family and child’s well-being.

We know an Early Head Start is not beneficial without strong support, resources, and a clear vision. That’s why our program has intentional long range and school readiness goals with measurable outcomes to ensure we’re helping Spartanburg’s youngest citizens as effectively as possible.


Goal 1: Provide safe environments to promote each child’s feelings of competence and self-esteem, encouraging children to build positive trusting relationships with family, peers, and other adults

Goal 2: Provide each child a safe, nurturing, engaging, and secure environment that encourages growing, gaining strength, and coordination

Goal 3: Provide an environment that is organized with appropriate materials that are rich in language, literacy, and diversity

Goal 4: Provide a supportive learning environment that offers children an opportunity to explore, discover, and gain knowledge through active learning

Goal 5: Provide a safe and predictable environment where children know what to expect and what is expected of them

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Goal 1: Enhance our educational services to improve children’s literacy and language scores to maximize their potential to enter kindergarten with a solid foundation for learning success

Goal 2: Strengthen community partnerships to assist families in accessing community health resources by increasing the knowledge and abilities of staff and families to identify and utilize community resources

Goal 3: Strengthen community collaborations with employment and education services that will assist families in accessing these services

Goal 4: Improve our data management system to maximize the program’s ability to effectively gather, measure, and analyze data, and implement program improvements as indicated

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