“Our mission is to meet the total needs of our children, as well as, the expressed needs of our parents, through comprehensive services, community partnerships and shared decision-making”


A parent or guardian is given one opportunity to give his or her child an early head start in life. We can help make that opportunity a reality.

Gold Assessment Chart for Landing Page

The GOLD Assessment tool is utilized as an ongoing assessment of children’s development throughout their Early Head Start experience.

The results of the assessment are in, and FS EHS children’s development is on target for school readiness!  The program ensures that those needing additional support and services receive it.

Developed by Teaching Strategies, the GOLD Assessment functions as a comprehensive assessment instrument for early childhood education programs. Based on the latest research, the GOLD Assessment has provided proven and reliable results to assist staff and parents in making sure that EHS children are right where they need to be. Even better, the results fully align with the Common Core State Standards, state early learning guidelines, and the Head Start Child Development and Early Learning Framework.