“Our mission is to meet the total needs of our children, as well as, the expressed needs of our parents, through comprehensive services, community partnerships and shared decision-making”

EHS Spotlight

Employment Readiness

Keeping Your Job A company has made the decision to hire you. This means that they believe you have the ability to become productive and valued employee. Maintaining employment at this company could lead to future salary increases, promotions, and professional...

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Healthy Eating Tips

Encouraging Food Choices for a Healthy Diet Be Patient Young children may not be interested in trying new foods. Offer new foods more than once. It sometimes takes up to ten tries before a child will like a new food. Be a Planner Most children need a snack or two in...

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What is Culture?

What is culture? A system of shared beliefs, values, customs, behaviors, and traditions that the members of society use to interact with their world and with one another. Why is culture important? Cultures define who we are and what we value in life. It provides us...

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Ways to Build Attachment with Your Baby

When your baby feels good about himself, they feel safe enough to explore their world. They are comfortable being with other people. You can’t spoil your baby! During the first 6 months, they need all your love, understanding, and comfort. You can help your baby...

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Transitions are changes that happen from the moment we are born and throughout our lifetime. Some transitions are expected; i.e. a broken relationship or lost job. Tips to manage transitions include: Prepare: anticipate when a transition is expected and prepare for...

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Engagement is defined as Gathering and sharing information with families to support children’s learning and development. This includes engaging fathers in early care and education programs. This is most rewarding for the entire family. Engagement is Involvement and...

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